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Handicapped-Accessible Axe Throwing in Greensboro

handicapped wheelchair accessible axe throwing greensboro

We often get asked if people who use wheelchairs can participate in axe throwing. The answer is YES! We have wheelchair axe throwing in the Greensboro area. Axe throwing is a highly accessible sport for those with limited mobility.

Fully Wheelchair Accessible Axe Throwing

Kersey Valley Attractions welcomes those in wheelchairs and people of many abilities to experience axe throwing for themselves. Our indoor axe throwing facilities (both the buildings and throwing lanes) are fully wheelchair accessible. We have a ramp that leads to the entrance, and our axe throwing lanes are all on one level for easy access.

In addition, our outdoor axe throwing targets are located throughout the property. So, wheelchair access may be a bit challenging, but certainly not impossible. You may even be able to drive a vehicle between some of the outdoor targets.


You’ll be swinging like you’ve never dreamed of!

“Kersey Valley is a great way to spend an awesome day. We did the axe throwing, and it was a little difficult at first to get the correct movement, but once we did, it was a lot of fun. By the end, you will be swinging axes like you’ve never dreamed of. It was liberating, exciting, and downright exhilarating! I highly recommended for all family members.”
-Google Review


Axepert Guides for Many Physical Abilities

Our highly trained axepert instructors have guided people of many physical abilities. They can show you different techniques for successful target practice and a little friendly competition.

Our indoor axe throwing facilities can accommodate small groups for 1 ½ hours, while our outdoor axe throwing course can accommodate between 4 and 100 people for a two-hour experience.

If possible, please let us know in advance if you are attending our axe throwing or any other facilities so that special arrangements can be made to support easy access.

All axe throwing and target sport participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes and sign a waiver prior to participation.


We did MUCH better than expected!

“Andrea, our axe-throwing instructor, was fantastic! She was very helpful in getting our form down. We did MUCH better than we expected for our first time throwing, and she was probably a big part of that success. We had a great time and will definitely be back soon!”
-Google Review


Axe Throwing Is Safe

At Kersey Valley Attractions, we practice the utmost in safety when handling and throwing axes. The throwing axes are super sharp, so we cover all safety rules and regulations before you pick up an axe. And we make sure that everyone is following safety guidelines during your stay at Kersey Valley. Plus, we have a family-friendly atmosphere for everyone’s safety and comfort (no consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed).

Ready to take aim?
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