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Easy Axe Throwing Tips

axe throwing tips

Axe throwing may seem like a sport that requires the least skills possible. However, it’s harder than it looks to sink an axe in a wooden target. But with these handy axe throwing tips, you’ll be hitting the bull’s-eye in no time—and performing like a pro! (Well, almost…)

Safety First!

At Kersey Valley Attractions, your safety is our top priority. So, before you even pick up an axe, you need to know how to handle one safely.

  • Always wear closed-toe shoes and long pants.
  • Hold your axe pointing down at your side until you are ready to throw. Be sure not to scrape it against your clothing.
  • Don’t throw an axe if someone is in front of you or near the target.
  • Keep a clearance area of at least 6 feet surrounding the target.
  • When throwing side by side, both players throw and retrieve their axes at the same time.
  • Never hand an axe directly to another player. Always put your axe down, then allow the other person to pick it up.

P.S. Don’t worry. Your axepert guide will remind you of all safety precautions and ensure they are followed during play.

Get in Position

Face the target and position yourself at the line. Both feet should be placed firmly on the ground. The rest depends on the type of throw you choose.

Get a Grip

Your grip will help ensure the right speed and angle. Grip your axe as firmly as you would a baseball bat to allow for enough control over the trajectory of your throw. Be sure the axe is straight, and it is not turned toward the left or right.

Get Ready to Throw

Most people, including beginners, find success with one or both of these two axe throwing techniques. Try each of them to see which throw feels more comfortable to you.

axe throwing tipsThe Overhead

  1. With both feet about shoulder distance apart on the throwing line, hold your axe firmly with both hands (dominant hand on top). Make sure the axe is perfectly straight.
  2. Bring the axe back over your head with both hands and bend back slightly.
  3. Lock your wrists, then swing the axe forward in a quick motion with the weight ending on your toes.
  4. Release the axe with both hands when your arms are extended forward.







axe throwing tipsThe Sidewinder

  1. Hold the axe with your dominant arm at the bottom of the handle.
  2. As you get ready, put one foot forward at the throwing line (usually your least dominant foot).
  3. Swing your arm down until the axe passes your back leg, then swing it up quickly over your head as if you are about to throw a ball. (Your elbow should be pointing toward the target.)
  4. Swing your arm forward and when your arm is parallel to the ground, release the axe and let your arm follow through with the throw.

Bull’s-eye! You’ve got this! Practice these throws several times as you read so that you can become familiar with the motions. (Sometimes, it’s all about muscle memory.) Then call us to book your axe throwing adventure. We can’t wait to see you!





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